Opting for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Is Fast and Affordable

Refacing your kitchen cabinet doors might sound like more trouble than simply painting over them. Refinishing your cabinet doors also might sound like an appealing offering, but is it worth it?

Refacing Takes a Fraction of the Time than Painting or Refinishing Your Cabinets

It’s a very long and complicated process to paint your cabinets. It requires a lot of extra work that can be quite tedious such as degreasing, sanding, and applying two or more coats of paint. This is a messy job that will have you eating takeout for weeks, so why not scratch that off the list right away. Refinishing can be a lot more work than you bargained for and won’t allow you access to your kitchen any sooner than repainting.

So, what is the solution then to getting those cabinet doors looking spiffy once again? It’s best to consider a refacing project which can be completed in under a week. Look for a kitchen cabinet st. charles specialist in your area. Usually it takes only 3-5 days which will thrill most kitchen owners. If you’re not interested in doing a full remodeling of your kitchen cabinets then consider the easy and stress free alternative which will allow you to eat in your kitchen even while you’re doing the work.

Cost Effectiveness is Found in Refacing Your Cabinets

By opting for refacing you might wonder how much money you’ll save. As far as price is concerned you will pay a similar price as you would be doing a refinish, but refacing changes the door to whatever new style you desire.

Putting it all in perspective you are better off refacing your cabinet doors rather than painting and refinishing them. The reason being that refacing is a better way to navigate your kitchen project because it will be less messy and add resale value to your house.